Compriamo Isola delle Femmine, process

She is Land, the video

She is Land, the drawing

She is Land, the installation

Isola delle Femmine, paintings

The second sex, installation

Monumento al cadere #2, permanent installation

Foro Italico, photo

Caffè Internazionale, club

Torno subito, the installation

Torno subito, the drawings

Palette#1 (Sofonisba), pixels

Buco nell'acqua, failing project

La Fila, painting

Time lapse#1, boots

Monumento al cadere#1, disappeared installation

Stories on street, white paint

6 x 6 x 5,9, growing installation

Cime, sound panels

Tuttifrutti, the show

Gli illuminati, paintings


Humans, the movie

Untitled (amazon)

Walk in paradise, 35 mm film

Untitled, the meteorite sword

Untitled (dwarfs), photos

Untitled, the radioactive samurai

Untitled, the corridor

Rewind, photos

Untitled, the apples

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