As a drop of water on a k-way...
A collaboration with Marco Raparelli.

We pretend to be two curators, with new names and characters.

The result is both a book and a show, that will be a sort of invisible show, at Care-of, Milano, the 29th of may 2007.

Here is the proposal to the artists:
by Norberto Dalmatah and Scintilla Robina

The idea of the show is to show some of our favourite artworks of the last years.
The show will take place in Volume, a non-profit space in Rome at the end of January 2007; and there will be a catalogue in english.
We'are still choosing the artists proceeding in a way that is similar to the "pictures association" in psycology with an email dialogue that
will be the text of the catalgue.
But anyway there are more themes that we like to touch. Like the relation between nature and fiction, the way how the artworks will deal with
the architecture of the space, how the body of the artist and the body of the arwork can be connected, and the idea of failure.
These themes will be like a background on our choices and discussion, but the center of the choices will be about the quality of artworks,
and their irony. It's a sort of curatorial in progress.
There's no budget for production of new artworks, but the transports, the insurance and the hospitality of the artist are covered.

This is the basic list of artists we are discussing about, but probably it will change going on with the text:
Elisabetta Benassi
Maurizio Cattelan
Jakup Ferri
Piero Golia
Paola Pivi
Alessandro Sarra
Luigi Volpetti'chef
Jordan Wolfson
To know more about the space:

Norberto Dalmatah is a critic and philosopher. He studied at the Moderna University of Siena. He collaborate with many art magazines, like
Brufolo and Flash Art Slovakia. He lives in Rome.

Scintilla Robina is a young curator. She collaborate with some magazines like Donna Oggi, and Fitness and culture. She has been art curator
of the Diesel store in New York, since 2005. She lives and work in New York.

We presented the book at the show Clearly Invisible, at the Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcellona, by Filipa Ramos.