irl Humans

Stefania Galegati Shines

The video (1 hour long, made of 7 little videos) is a rhythmic editing of the daily shooting of the last 2 years. Since 4 years Stefania is carrying a little camera with her always ready to shoot the craziest situations she runs into by chance, or just stealing a reality that becomes something else through the editing.
People working out, wedding pictures, collective myths, an elephant walking down the street, fat people eating huge sandwiches, rich people eating at the openings, the stadium, the baseball game, the Italian-American religious procession in east Harlem, jazz musicians, naked people on the beach, kids diving from a tall pole, "beachy fires" in Africa, old people walking, old people dancing, a horse carried by a vespa...

The 24th of January 2009 the video has been presented in different places all around the world. In each place people that Stefania met in the last years, took care of it in many different ways, showing it in bars, galleries, restaurants or their own house.